CELTA Reading List

CELTA – Essential Reading

Practical English Usage
Michael Swan (Oxford)

You will need a good grammar reference such as the one above, although there are many others available in the market.

The Practice of English Language Teaching
Jeremy Harmer (Longman)

You will need a copy of this book throughout the course, please make sure you have a copy.

CELTA – Optional Reading

Working With Words

Classroom Dynamics

Teaching Practice Handbook

Use Your Head


Discussions That Work

Teaching Listening Comprehension

Developing Reading Skills

Process Writing

Sound Foundations

Learning Teaching

R.Gairns & S.Redman (CUP)

J.Hadfield (OUP)

R.Gowers & S.Walters (Macmillan ELT)

Tony Buzan (BBC)

Nolasco & Arthur (CUP)

P.Ur (CUP)

P.Ur (CUP)

F.Grellet (CUP)

White & Arntdt (Longman)

A. Underhill (Heinemann)

J.Scrivener (Macmillan ELT)