Trainee Comments

If you would like to know what the course is like from the point of view of a trainee, mail one of the people below. They will be able to share their experience of the course with you.

I taught high school English in the United States for three years, and I was amazed at the quality and effectiveness of Chester’s program. I learned as much in one month of Chester’s program as I did in several years at my university. The staff went out of their way to assist me with every aspect of the training-from the actual teaching and theory to finding places to eat. The program at Chester will give you the tools to be a confident, effective teacher. I am currently using what I learned on the course in my teaching job in Japan.

John DeHass, USA –

The course taught every aspect of TEFL needed to be able to begin a professional teaching career straight away. There was always somebody you could go to with any queries or problems about the course and the amount of guidance and resources available helped to plan real lessons and gain confidence in front of groups of students. The fact that the tefl course is run within an actual language school where you can observe other teachers at work really helped to prepare to start teaching real classes after the course.

Aidan Hitchcock, UK –

The course exceeded my expectations in every way: the input sessions, the teaching practice and the feedback prepared us not only for the certificate, but ultimately for becoming competent teachers. The approaches and materials used by the trainers were an inspiration in themselves and made for a fun and rewarding month. The support too was fantastic, right through to the job-finding process. A truly worthwhile qualification and a great experience!

Jenny Downey, UK –

A demanding tefl course with:

  • The highest professionalism and quality from begining to end.
  • Great availability from all the staff involved in the course, from director to administration.
  • Great experience.
  • Quality materials and ideas which I have already used very successfully in class here in Taiwan.

…and much more, but I don’t have enough space!

Aida Hassan, Spain –